Martina Margini

KSAT - International Platform for Artists

KSAT is an art publication led by the idea of collaboration and interaction between artists and different art forms. Since 2010 the project aims to promote artists' work and creating links between different practices and creative environments. The project started as a limited edition art publication. All artists are invited to work on a common leading theme. Once KSAT network grew in size, the art publications further developed in temporary exhibitions, happenings and workshops.

KSAT is an immaterial space for interaction, it operates as a mobile and dynamic platform. KSAT is an easy access and no profit playground for artists, architects, writers, poets, dancers, theoreticians, art critics, curators and many more.

The 7 issues of KSAT focus on different main themes, which gave the artists the possibility of collaborate, create and realize projects with great freedom of expression. KSAT project is based in Paris, France but travels through different countries (The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany).




Paris, France


Yasmine Tashk

Martina Margini