Martina Margini

Take you there radio

Take You There Radio is a temporary radio project as exhibition streaming on the internet.

The 6 participants of Session 24 of École du Magasin in Grenoble developed content inviting 4 artists-in-residence as well as many interlocutors from long and short distances who conceived and improvised radio interventions. TYTR broadcasted content non-stop for 5 days, 24h a day. Session 24 also organized events, performances, workshops on the theme of radio, transmission and transcendence in various locations in Grenoble.

Take You There Radio aims to transport participants and listeners to another place on an individual and shared level — a type of metaphysical travel that has occurred within audiences since the birth of radio as a popular media. The programming of TYTR revolves around the core themes of space and time travel as experienced through altered states of consciousness, narratives of science fiction, utopian ideals, appropriation of socio-political topics by amateurs, investigation of sound in language and music, as well as radio station as a structure for predictable patterns with mysterious outcomes.

Participants created radio-specific art pieces in Grenoble using resources provided by the TYTR curatorial team: a sound recording studio inhabiting the physical space of the Conciergerie, a resource center and listening room free to the public, and counseling from radio professionals as well as theorists from various fields. Along with the traditional radio schedule, improvisation will take place during the web stream broadcast in the form of prank phone calls, love letters, DJ sets, interviews, tutorials, and more. As part of the exhibition program, a series of workshops for local teenagers will be led by the curatorial team and invited instructors.




Grenoble, France


Betty Biedermann

Sophie Lvoff

Martina Margini

Théo Robine-Langlois

Asli Seven

Chloé Sitzia