Martina Margini

Terrains Vagues

Terrains Vagues is an exhibition curated by Session 24 during their curatorial training program.

The exhibition presents sixteen artworks selected from the personal collection of S.B. du Veyrier. The exhibition display and the selection of artworks is the result of an introspective analysis of the collector's personality and his relationship to his collection.

Erase or rebuild? Settle or flee? History is often made of strong contrasts and is consequence of unpredictable encounters. How to capture these movements and measure their overall impact? What narratives could arise from someone's personal memory and how we could place it on a mind map? From these tensions, ties and breaks, a space is created...




Grenoble, France


Session 24

Betty Biedermann

Martina Margini

Asli Seven

ChloƩ Sitzia