Martina Margini

Ultra Feminism

In Spring 2014, a series of events were planned at Roodkapje Rotterdam to celebrate what we called ULTRA-Feminist month. Many artists, philosophers, designers, theorists were invited to perform, host lectures, cook food and play music at Roodkapje, Rotterdam. It was a naïve and poetic gesture to get ourselves closer to what could be considered Feminism at the time. Generated from an idea of Eric den Hartigh, the events series was curated by Martina Margini.

The main exhibition space was conceived as an inviting living room. In its center, we built a replica of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party table, where a collection of publications and art books related to feminism and activism provided by Printroom Rotterdam were available for the public to read. On the table's sides, two wide projection screens displayed every week a different film program. Six events animated the ULTRA-Feminist month, each of them left tangible traces on the exhibition space.

ULTRA Opening Event & Tea ceremony / Invited artists: Nikki Ootjers and Hinde Chaâtouf, Aynouk Tan, Dennis van Vreden.

ULTRA Dinner Party with Voices of Women Media & I-Per Mess Age performance by Samantha Thole

The Pussy Alignment workshop by Femen activist Yelena Myshko

ULTRA Vond.A Performance event / Invited artists: Berivan Sayici, Milos Trakilovic, Meneer Jansen

ULTRA-MET Voices of Women Media meet the artist Martina Muzi 'The feminine space in-between'

ULTRA Feminism Twerkshop with Fannie Sosa & Performance by Christian McLaughlin






Eric den Hartigh (Roodkapje director)

Martina Margini (curator)